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Personal Trainers at Denver Gym & Fitness are carefully selected for their wide range of health & wellness expertise, including personal training, sports training, functional fitness, performance nutrition and more. Personal Training is offered in both private and semi private settings.


Justin Cobb
Personal Trainer


Justin is originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin and has lived in Denver for the last eight years. From a young age, he has always known he wanted to be in the fitness industry. As such, he has found personal training to be the perfect fit for him! Justin absolutely loves learning about the human body and the ways it relates to our physical lives. He even took this passion for the human body and applied it to his education, obtaining a Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics. In his free time, Justin enjoys competing in mud runs, triathlons, and playing soccer throughout the week. If he isn't engaging in some sort of sport, you will likely find Justin appreciating the great outdoors of our beautiful state or trying out a new local brewery.




Steve Allen
Personal Trainer


Steve AllenSteve first became interested in personal training while being a teacher’s assistant in high school, where he had the opportunity to help his lowerclassmen in an ‘Intro to Weightlifting’ class. From then on, his interest grew. What gets Steve excited about fitness is how resilient and versatile the human body truly is. We can push a car or a plane to it’s limits and it will break down. But if you do the same to the human body, it will get stronger, faster, more flexible, and even smarter! Steve loves opportunities to interact with people and one of his favorite jobs was being a bartender for just that reason. He is even studying to become a Sommelier. Steve enjoys working with all kinds of people and has experience training individuals with chronic conditions and post rehab.



Kelsey Manilla
Personal Trainer


Kelsey ManillaKelsey moved to Colorado with her husband, dog, and two cats just over a year and a half ago. Originally from Virginia, she has had a passion for an active lifestyle from a young age. She grew up swimming and went on to compete in Junior Olympics and as a member of Virginia's state swim team. After graduating from Mary Baldwin College with a Bachelor of Arts, she lived in Savannah, Georgia and worked as Head Trainer of a personal training studio for three years. Now that she's made a home in Denver, she has traded her paddleboard and beach days for snowboarding and long hikes in the mountains. She just recently finished a 22 mile hike into the Grand Canyon and back, one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences to date! While she enjoys preparing clients for similar adventures, she also loves coaching clients through strength, post-injury or post-rehabilitation, and sport-specific workouts.



Sonia Stiefel
Yoga Instructor


Sonia StiefelSonia was born in California but was introduced to yoga while studying journalism in Santiago, Chile. She immediately felt the benefits of yoga and continued to practice while working in media and public relations. In 2010 she completed her yoga teacher training in Venice Beach, California and started teaching shortly thereafter in studios around Los Angeles. She loves to introduce new students to yoga and to watch them discover for themselves the overall health benefits and sense of wellbeing that comes with the practice. Sonia moved to Denver in 2017 and loves experiencing the full four seasons and all that the healthy Colorado lifestyle has to offer!




Jeremy Kemp
Personal Trainer


Jeremy KempJeremy was born and raised in Colorado and has always been active especially when it comes to the mountains. He loves skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, and hiking and biking during the summer. Basketball was a huge part of his life growing up and really is what got him into the whole idea of physical fitness. Jeremy attended the University of Colorado (S'ko Buffs) and graduated with a degree in Integrative Physiology, the study of how the body functions and how all those functions interact. CU and the YoungLife ministry are also where Jeremy met his now wife, Allie. He later decided to pursue training because of the way exercise can change people’s outlook on life and encourage people to live their best lives. He is passionate about the way that physical health ties in with every aspect of our lives, including our mental health. Jeremy says “I have been able to work with multiple people struggling with anxiety and depression, and it is such a joy to see how their fitness can change the way they live their lives. I just want to see people live a life they are proud of, and excited about; and I believe fitness is a huge piece of that”.


Annie Carruthers
Yoga Instructor


Annie CarruthersAnnie grew up in Columbus, Ohio where she attended The Ohio State University. After graduating she moved to New York City, where she eventually fell in love with yoga. She craved a sense of control over her seemingly overwhelming live in this period of transition and yoga offered her a sense of ease and grounding she hadn't found in any other activity. Annie moved to Denver for graduate school in 2014 and immediately felt at home with the city and the mountains surrounding it. She started teaching yoga as a way to spread the impact that yoga had on herself and share what she's learned with others. She most enjoys creating connections with her students and providing the time to dig into breath, body and mind. Right now, she's most excited about the opportunity for self-expression that yoga offers every time she practices.




Laurie McGill
Yoga Instructor


Laurie McGillLaurie moved from Scottsdale, AZ in October of 2017 hoping to discover new opportunities for professional growth in Colorado. She holds an undergraduate degree in sociology and a graduate degree in public administration.  Laurie loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, camping and skiing as often as possible. For Laurie, the practice of yoga is a dance with the Divine. This practice, she believes, has the potential to change lives, unblock huge obstacles, and reveal new understanding about life for any individual who applies themselves with vigor and sincerity to the practice. She first learned about yoga in 1999 with her first studio experience that took place in a hot Bikram studio where she sweat her heart out and fell in love with the physical and mental challenge. Now, she favors an all-level, warm, slow-moving flow that allows for people to integrate breath and movement in a transformative way. She recently completed her 500 Hour certification with Christina Sell in Buena Vista, Colorado and promises to continue to expand her passion and understanding for the beautiful practice of yoga as she lovingly shares it with the members of Denver Gym & Fitness.


Casandra Branum
Yoga Instructor


Casandra BranumOriginally from Chicago Illinois, Casandra moved to Denver in 2010 after falling in love with our little city nestled in the wild. Yoga first appealed to her when she began searching for a practice that would take her meditations and spirituality to a new level. She was searching for a mindful practice that would not only allow her to build confidence within the body, but also understand the fluidity of how the body works. Alongside her teacher certification, she has a BFA in Children's Book Design and Illustration and an apprenticeship in Illuminated Manuscripts. She got her degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design right here in our beautiful city. When she isn’t teaching, Casandra is obsessively finding new places, foods, and activities to explore and experience. She enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, and painting. After years of teaching, she says “what I love most about yoga is its depth. I love that there are always new pathways awaiting within the practice; taking us deeper into our minds, our hearts, our bodies. All of it and Always, I find it's never ending inspirations utterly enchanting.”