Stephanie Bormuth coach at Denver Gym and Fitness

Stephanie Bormuth

Fitness Director, ISSA CPT, PN2 Master Coach, IIN Certified Health Coach

A native New Yorker, Stephanie grew up in Southampton, on the east end of Long Island. When she wasn’t in school or working, she was usually found traveling to new countries in Asia or Europe, covering such places as China, India, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. Stephanie discovered her love for health and fitness after graduating from Penn State with a Bachelors in Sociology and Psychology.

She began by focusing on her own health goals and by doing so, was introduced to small group training. She joined the team and quickly became certified as a coach. Her love for helping others achieve their goals fueled her passion, and led to her obtaining her certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, Health Coaching, Group Fitness, and Spin. Her certifications include; Precision Nutrition, International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach, MAD Dogg Spinning Certified Spin Instructor, and Tribe Team Training Certified Coach. Stephanie is a dedicated motivator and coach. In 2020 Stephanie moved to Colorado where she fell in love with bodybuilding and exercise all over again. When training with Stephanie, you’ll not only receive high-level fitness training and excellent nutritional support, but accountability too. She will remind you of your “why” and hype you up when you’re wavering. Motivation will never be a problem!

Greg Szots coach at Denver Gym and Fitness

Greg Szots

Certified Personal Trainer

Greg has been a personal trainer for 10+ years. He received his Diploma in Arts from an academy in Hungary and even attended The Hungarian Circus Institute from 92′-94′, wow! Since 09′, Greg has acquired continuing credits to expand his knowledge in this industry with various certifications specializing from nutrition to corrective exercises (injury recovery & prevention).

Greg’s #1 goal with all clients is safety in the performance of exercises so they can achieve their desired results with as little roadblocks as possible. Besides safety and knowledge, Greg also provides nutrition assistance and support while monitoring progress and providing regular updates on the clients progress. He says his clients success is reached because he is very specific in his exercise selection. “Introducing easy to execute exercises that get the BEST results for my clients while challenging them in a systematic way.”

Kaylee Hawkins coach at Denver Gym and Fitness

Kaylee Hawkins

Certified Yoga Instructor

Kaylee is a passionate yoga teacher who just moved to Denver from Washington State. She has experience in teaching many different forms of yoga but specializes in Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Outside of the yoga studio, you can find her and her dog Oatmeal hiking the Colorado mountains. Kaylee is so excited to see you in class!

Carolina Christiansen coach at Denver Gym and Fitness

Carolina Christiansen

Certified Yoga Instructor

Carolina started practicing yoga many years ago in her native country of Chile. She was drawn into the practice immediately, enjoying the meditation and all the positive changes that she was able to see in her stressful life. In 2003, Carolina moved to Denver where, 3 years later, she began practicing regularly, reviving her passion for yoga, especially Power Yoga.

In 2009 she decided she was ready to take the next step and made the commitment to enroll in her first 200-hour Teacher Training Yoga Certification. She has been certified and teaching yoga classes ever since! Over the past 12 years, Carolina has trained in Yoga Sculpt, Pre-Natal Yoga, Prana Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Prana Danda Yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga and Hot Yoga, training under yoga master teachers including Baron Baptiste and Shiva Rea. Carolina will push you to your limit! You will want to keep coming back again and again after completing this intense, energetic practice. Carolina will focus on correcting your alignment and using your breath as the main source to move and flow. If you want to be challenged and grounded in your practice, come give Carolina’s class a try!

Trevor Watson

Certified Personal Trainer

Trevor Watson holds a BA in Exercise Science from Hillsboro State College, in Tampa Florida. He has been a Personal Trainer and Coach for over 8 years and is a Certified Master Trainer. He considers clients looking to improve their sports performance, physique and fitness gains to be his favorites. By using smart training and sensible nutrition strategies, his clients typically have higher energy, bigger work capacity, as well as feeling healthier, stronger and pain-free as a result.

As a collegiate baseball player, Trevor was able to learn first-hand the techniques needed to develop speed and strength. Trevor is a meal prep expert, planning out 4-days at a time and has been doing so for over 10 years. His favorite cheat meals are wings and burgers. He has traveled extensively, spending time in Germany, Switzerland and Poland; as well as Costa Rica, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic during his college baseball career. You can catch Trevor teaching a few of our group fitness classes – Come give them a try!

Anne Barker

Certified Yoga Instructor, Stages Cycling

Introducing Anne Barker, the fitness guru who can handle anything life throws at her – including two rambunctious middle schoolers and a pack of three furry troublemakers (aka dogs). As a mom of two, Anne knows that fitness isn’t just about looking good in yoga pants; it’s about having the stamina to keep up with your kids and handle all the craziness that comes with it.

Anne is a seasoned fitness instructor with over 12 years of experience. Her yoga classes are designed to help you find your inner Zen, while her cycling sessions will leave you feeling like a total warrior.
Join Anne for a workout that will leave you feeling stronger, healthier, and more invigorated than ever before.


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