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Stages Cycling

Introducing Stages Cycling, a power based cycling program. This means that you can ride at the exact intensity necessary to provide benefits without over or under doing it. In fact, each class is so specific that your intensity for the day is determined by a 1-3 minute fitness test at the beginning of the session called an FTP. Please arrive a few minutes early to get the best fit for your bike. Bikes are first come, first serve.


This free weight based class will have you working your muscles like no other workout! Build functional strength while also toning your body. Mondays we focus on the upper body and abs. Then Wednesday we switch the focus to your legs to round out the week for a full body burn!

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga is a class that consists of half deep stretch and half vinyasa flow. The class begins with restorative postures and ends in vinyasa flow to leave you feeling energized and refreshed.


This conditioning class is fast-paced, hitting multiple muscle groups throughout. We coach in an athletic style to get your heart rate up followed by short recoveries. Fast and furious, this is a sweaty and calorie torching workout. 30 minutes is all you need - trust us!


Feel the burn, fire up that six-pack midsection and protect your back. In this intense class, you will work the entire core, with stability, rotation and anti-rotation movements to train your mid-section properly and look your best too!

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a fast paced vinyasa flow with the addition of strength building techniques. This is a high-intensity class that combines the postures in yoga with techniques from other exercise forms such as pilates, to help build strength and endurance.


Our memberships come with open gym time so that you can come and train on your schedule. During open gym sessions, you can come in for unguided gym time and work toward your fitness goals. The coaching staff is available to assist you during any open gym session.


Although yoga may seem contrary to the high intensity of our group classes, our classes perfectly complement your other workout experiences improving your flexibility. We have experienced instructors to guide you through lessons.


Group Fitness Classes are included FREE with all our gym memberships.
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