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We All Start Somewhere!

Learn from us: Here’s a few things we wish we knew! When you start out on your fitness journey it is nerve-wrecking, scary, and full of click-bait information that makes it hard to decipher fact from fiction. So if you’re new to this journey, here are a few things I

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Snacking Won’t Make You a Snack

How much are you mindlessly snacking? That little taste test before dinner, a handful of trail mix on the way out the door, finishing the leftovers from your kid’s plate – those calories all add up at the end of the day. Those new to tracking can have a real

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Failure Isn’t An Option. Or Is It?

Training to failure is an effective way to push your limits but should be used sparingly. Training to failure is a common training technique used by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It involves performing an exercise until you can no longer complete a full repetition, either due to physical exhaustion

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Your Diet is Like a Budget

Can you be successful if you’re too rigid about your diet? Many people think that flexible dieting means eating as much junk food as you want, but nothing could be further from the truth.⁠ Your diet has limits just like your bank account; you can’t withdraw money that isn’t available

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BMI? It’s a Lie!

Do You Know Your Body Composition? Do you know your weight on the scale right now? I bet you answered yes to this question. Do you know your actual body composition and body fat percentage right now? Many of us use our weight on the scale or even our body

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